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7A, 8A, 9A, 10A..Hair Grades- Do they really exist?

7A, 8A, 9A, 10A..Hair Grades- Do they really exist?

Hair Grades! 

We have all seen hair grades when researching and shopping around for hair extensions, but what are they? Are hair grades even real? Keep reading to find out!

A hair grade is supposed to be used to determine the quality of the hair. Hair grades have been around since circa 2004. That is when 5A hair grew in popularity. Now in 2019 I have seen 11A and 12A grade hair. We have been told to pay attention to this grade when purchasing hair extensions but why?

So here's the real tea...

Just like "mink hair" grew in popularity, hair grades have too. I hate to break it to you but hair grades are yet another marketing tactic to get consumers to pay higher prices. Now don't get me wrong there is definitely a difference in the quality of every companies hair BUT trust me the hair grade isn't what determines that. The things you want to make sure of when you are purchasing extensions online are as followed:

1: 100% Virgin or Raw hair

2. Double Wefted: This ensures there will be minimal shedding

3. A natural color color- 100% Virgin hair should be a natural 1B color

Don't get duped into spending alll your coin on 11A & 12A grade hair because there is no such thing!


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