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All About Sew Ins

All About Sew Ins

Who doesn't love a fresh sew in?!

I think at this point everyone who has purchased bundled hair has had a sew in at some point or another. Sew Ins are a great protective style if you are still looking for that perfect low maintenance style that will last.

To get the best results I would advise having your sew in done by a professional. There are many factors that will contribute to how your sew in turns out so at the very least the person installing it needs to be experienced.

There are several different types of sew ins but the most popular are 1. Leave Out Sew Ins, 2. Closure Sew Ins, 3. Frontal Sew Ins, and 4. Versatile Sew Ins. With each of these styles all of your natural hair is sewn down into a flat braiding pattern- Except a leave out sew in where the front part of your hair is left out. This braiding pattern is also very important and is known as the "foundation". This foundation will serve as the basis for your sew in, the foundation needs to flat to ensure that your sew in will look natural and not have any bumps or bulging areas. 

With a leave out sew in the front part of your hair is left out, this is where you will part your hair and blend it with the weave. This is also a very important step because of course you want your real hair to blend with your weave so it will look most natural. This is where the weave texture comes into play because you want bundles that will blend with your natural hair. If your natural hair is type 4C then you will need to choose extensions that match your curl pattern unless you plan on wearing your hair straightened all the time. With a leave out sew in it will require daily blending to ensure your leave out matches your weave so you aren't looking crazy lol otherwise this style is fairly easy to maintain. A versatile sew in allows you to wear your hair half up half down and this is because more of your natural hair is left out throughout your hair which will also mean more blending to make sure it matches your weave. 

If you want ALL of your natural hair braided up then you will need to go with a closure or frontal sew in. For beginners I would suggest a closure since it is MUCH less maintenance than a frontal(Check out our blog on Frontals). But all in all sew ins are great and will protect your hair from the everyday where and tear. 

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