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Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Hair Online

Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Hair Online

Hey y’all hey!

Happy New Year! This is officially our first post for 2020 and it’s a good one!


So by now a lot of you have shopped online but we all know at least one person who is still weary about spending that coin on the World Wide Web. Since online shopping became popular I have definitely become a fan. I would much rather shop online than in the store - It’s just more convenient for my life lol. But when it comes to buying hair extensions online how do you actually know that the pictures you see are the items you’ll actually get? We have a few tips to help you out when buying hair extensions online.

  1. Does the company look reputable? So being that every company started off as a small company at some point we obviously know we as consumers are much quicker to trust the big names first but that doesn’t mean the smaller companies also don’t have something to offer. Check out the website! Do you see a lot of Asian hands and no actual people? That could be a red flag to do a little more digging into the company.
  2. Are there only stock photos and no photos of any real people actually in the hair? This may or may not be a red flag it depends on how you look at it. Stock photos are used just as generic photos of items. It doesn’t always mean the company is trying to scam you. You should also check to see if the company has any social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook. Social media is usually where you can see just who is wearing the hair. Check out the tagged photos to see some of the customers that are actually wearing the products.
  3. Read everything on the site! Now I’m serious about this lol. Look for reviews! Read the descriptions of the hair. Is it human hair? Can it withstand heat? What color is it? Can it be colored?

We allll hate wasting money online so follow these tips and make sure you do your due diligence before buying hair online!



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