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How long is shipping?

All orders are subject to a 1-3 business day processing time. All wigs are subject to a 4-5 business day processing time. Please check your emails for tracking information.

Standard Shipping: 2-4 business days - East Coast

4-6- business days - West Coast

Expedited Shipping: 1-3 business days: $30

How much hair do I need? 

For a sew in where you will have any of your natural hair left out we recommend getting 2-3 bundles of hair. Please note if you are purchasing hair longer than 18" it is recommended to purchase an extra bundle of hair because the longer the hair the shorter the weft.

Is this hair Human or synthetic?

Our hair is 100% Human hair.

Can this hair be dyed, colored, or bleached?

Yes, since we offer virgin hair it takes to color very well. Please note once hair has been dyed it is no longer considered "virgin" hair and will require maintenance to keep hair healthy.

Can hot tools such as curlers and flat irons be used on this hair? 

Yes, this hair can withstand high heat. Please remember for curlier textures excessive straightening can cause curl pattern to loosen.

 How long will this hair last?

Just like your hair growing from your scalp your extensions will need maintenance and care. With proper washing and conditioning this hair will last you over one year.

Does this hair require any maintenance?

Yes. Treat this hair as an investment if you want it to last you will have to take care and maintain it. We recommend weekly or bi-weekly washes and conditioning with every wash. No heavy oils or heavy products.


Product Disclaimer:

Due to the distinct nature of human hair, two heads of hair are never exactly the same. The photos will give you an idea of how the hair will look but please note there may be variations between textures and colors when you receive your hair. We cannot guarantee that all bundles will look identical. 





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