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Gold and Silver Bundle Strings...What do they mean?

Gold and Silver Bundle Strings...What do they mean?

 We have all seen the posts about the infamous gold and silver bundle strings! I have seen ALOT of stylists and hair companies with big followings post about these strings and their meanings...So word on the street is that these bundle strings are for the "bad synthetic hair". Is that actually true? Did it make you second guess every virgin hair bundle purchase you've ever made?


Well I am here to tell you that those bundle strings do NOT indicate hair quality. The lie detector test determined that’s a lie! Those metallic strings are strictly used for sorting purposes. How on earth can someone say that ALL gold or silver bundled hair is synthetic? Have they tested all of these supposed bad bundles from every vendor and manufacture in the world? My guess is no lol. It is actually sad that stylists and these companies with these HUGE platforms would perpetuate and make up lies to try and push their products! It's a dog eat dog world but sheesh, I don't agree with lying and making things up to gain business. So if you are new to this weave game and purchasing extensions online and ever hear about this "string" thing please ignore it as it is FAKE news! 

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