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Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

You must take care of your hair extensions if you want them to last. You weaves and wigs will only treat you as good as you treat them!

1. Always co-wash your weaves and wigs prior to installation.

2. Use lukewarm water to wash hair and wigs.

3. Only use mild-sulfate and alcohol free products on your extensions and wigs. Any products containing alcohol will dry out the hair.

4. Condition your hair with every wash.

5. Comb and brush hair from ends to root to avoid tangling. No excessive combing and/or brushing.

6. Allow hair to air dry if you have time so that you are not exposing the hair to excessive heat.

7. Curly and deep wave hair require more daily maintenance than straight and body wave extensions.

8. Use a light oil for added shine if your hair extensions look dull.

9. All wigs and weaves need to be installed by a professional stylist to ensure proper installation. When cutting the lace off of closure, frontals, and wigs if you cut too far or too much your wig WILL be more susceptible to shedding and ripping.

10. If you are cutting hair wefts you will need to use a weft sealer such as Top-Loc Knot Sealer(Available on Amazon).

10. Lace is very delicate and you have to be gentle.

11. Sleep with a satin bonnet/cap every night to protect hair from friction from pillows and blankets.

12. Chemical processing such as bleaching and dying your extensions WILL shorten the lifespan on your weave. Chemicals are harsh on human hair and once hair has been processed extra conditioning and moisture will be needed.

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