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Hair Extension Myths

Hair Extension Myths

Hey Everyone!

Just checking back in and I thought I would bust some hair extension myths I've been hearing about lately. So there are a lot of bigger hair companies that LOVE to try and crap on the smaller/newer companies as their way of marketing, of course I don't agree with it but I more so hate that some of these companies perpetuate lies in order to gain clients/customers. Here are a few myths that surround the hair weave business! If you've read our other blogs you will recognize some of them lol!


1. Hair extensions damage your hair- If your extensions are installed properly and by a professional hair extensions will not damage your real hair. Hair weave and extensions are meant to serve as a protective style aka give your real hair a break but still keep it protected. Please do research and check the ratings and reviews of anyone you are considering letting do your hair.

2. Mink Hair is the best- We already know this type of hair doesn't exist so I won't go too much into this one lol, just check out our other blog on this topic!

3. 12AA Grade Hair is the best- Again we know the hair grading system is not real..Also check out our blog on this topic as well.

4. Gold and Silver bundle string means hair has synthetic fibers- We know that is also false lol, check out this blog also!

5. The bundles you purchase in individual bundles are different from the bundles you would purchase in a bundle deal- Now this one was a new one for me lol. But I guess some people are under the impression that the extensions you purchase in a "bundle deal" are different that the individual extensions you can purchase and this is false. It is the same hair...Or at least it's supposed to be! The purpose of a "bundle deal" is to offer a savings and a discount to the customer. Purchasing a bundle deal usually saves you some money so make sure you do the math and make sure you are actually getting a deal.

6. The Best hair is the most expensive hair- I can definitely say that this is NOT true. I have spent well over $400 on 3 bundles of hair only for it to tangle and matte up. It was actually not good hair at all from a very popular company that you all probably have heard of but I won't mention any names lol. Let's just say I had to throw the hair away after my first install because it shed like a dog and was tangling like crazy. Do your research on the company and just because the price is high doesn’t mean you’re purchasing good quality products  

7. Last but not least and this is a fact not a myth..Luxcys Hair Co offers the BEST hair you will ever wear! Haha! Had to throw that in there! But really check out our Instagram page for customer reviews! Our hair is soft and will definitely last  

Until next time..Thanks for reading!

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