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Hair Weave Textures..How do you choose the right one?

Hair Weave Textures..How do you choose the right one?

Hey Ladies!

Do you know how to pick the best weave texture that will match your hair?

Well let me help you out! So when hunting for a good quality weave what are a few things you want to make sure of before you purchase?

1. 100% Human Hair

2.100% Virgin Hair

3. Reputable company that is willing to answer questions and share customer reviews and photos

So next you will need to decide on what texture is best for your hair type..This really depends on your hair type and texture and the look you are going for! Will you be primarily wearing the hair wavy or straight? Or maybe you prefer the natural state of body wave and curly hair..Either way you will want to make sure the weave blends well with your natural hair. 

At Luxcys Hair Co we offer two origins of virgin hair and two origins of raw hair. Our virgin hair origins are Peruvian and Brazilian and our Raw hair are from India and Cambodia.

Brazilian hair is known to blend perfectly with African american hair textures. Brazilian hair is shiny and soft yet thick. If your hair is thick but it can get super straight like a Dominican blow out then Brazilian hair is best for you. We offer Brazilian Body Wave, Straight, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Curly, and Kinky Straight...So needless to say you have a lot of options lol. Our Brazilian extensions also hold curls very well..So if you want to go straight or curly you have options. 

Our Peruvian hair is courser than Brazilian hair and blends well with medium luster hair. Peruvian hair is a bit courser than Brazilian but still has volume and can easily blend with your natural hair. Our Peruvian bundles also only come in straight and body wave and of course they hold a curl well and can still be worn bone straight.

Check out our Brazilian & Peruvian collection today!

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