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HD Lace Frontals...The Newest Trend

HD Lace Frontals...The Newest Trend

HD Lace..Have you heard of it? If you haven't or even if you have heard of HD Lace then keep reading for the tea.

So the latest trend in the weave community are these HD Lace Frontals and closures, but what exactly is "HD Lace".

So technically this HD Lace is just a very thin transparent light lace..Yes that's all lol.

But in all seriousness this kind of lace is indeed desirable due to the fact that it "melts" much better and easier, in turn giving your hairstyle a more natural look. HD Lace is highly sought after now and Instagram stylists are posting HD Lace installs on a daily basis!'s the REAL tea. While HD Lace may appear to be the next best thing since sliced bread there are a few downsides to purchasing and wearing HD Lace.

1. Since it is a more of a specialty product you can expect the price point to be higher for it. Quality over quantity right?

2. Due to the fact that this HD Lace is SOO thin the lace is SUPER easy to rip, if you are not gentle with this lace it is done for. The lace is EXTREMELY delicate so you cannot pull or tug or continuously brush the hair on these HD Lace frontals.

3. They do not last long. As you already know a regular lace frontal can last you a good 3-4 weeks with proper care and that is not a long time, the lifespan of these HD Lace Frontals are closer to 2 weeks and that is just because of how delicate they are. And don't even think about possibly reusing them..they are more of a one and done kind of thing.

4. A lot of people think these HD Lace frontals will just automatically match your skin tone but again that is not the case. These HD frontals will still need to be tinted and matched to your skin tone...They are not a one size fits all type of thing. These HD frontals like transparent frontals will blend mostly with lighter skin and for darker tones it'll need to be color matched.

So I hope this information was helpful and you can decide whether or not you want to invest in an HD Frontal or not. Do you think you can handle HD Lace? Coming to our site very soon!

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