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How To Care For Your Natural Hair After Protective Styling

How To Care For Your Natural Hair After Protective Styling

We all know the dreaded day must come when it is time to remove our hair extensions and wigs..but what do we do with our real hair once we are done?

Keep reading and I will tell you...

So the first thing you'll want to do is detangle your hair with your fingers. It may be a little rough depending on how thick your natural hair is, but it won't be impossible. This step is SUPERR important. This will help when it comes time to wash your hair so that it does not get all tangled and knotted.

The next step which may seem a little backwards but it's necessary; you'll want to add conditioner to your hair and then detangle it again. Conditioner adds moisture and softens your hair. You'll need moisture after wearing protective styles trust me! Also conditioning it prior to adding any shampoo will help with tangling and dryness.

Now this next step is up to you but next you would shampoo your hair; of course with a sulfate paraben free shampoo such as Carols Daughter or Shea Moisture. Shampooing your hair IS important but just not necessary for every single wash. Shampoo tends to dry out and strip the hair of its natural oils. I think it is important to shampoo after protective styling because your hair will have a lot of buildup and we want to get rid of that.

And last but certainly not least is deep condition! By deep conditioning your hair you are adding in alll that moisture that the shampooing took out so this is an important step. Most deep conditioner instructions will tell you to leave it on for 15-25 min..I usually do more like an hour or two. I want alllll the moisture I can get lol. I love the Olive Oil ORS deep conditioner, it leaves my hair SUPER soft! And then wash it out with cold water! 

Voila! You're done! 



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