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Lace 101- Class is in Session

Lace 101- Class is in Session

So this is an exciting topic! Let's talk about Lace. 

We hear all about lace wigs, lace frontals, transparent lace, HD Lace..The list goes on. So as we all know lace is used to create the illusion of a natural hairline and scalp. Lace is great and can last you a while with proper care- Key word is proper care. If you are new to the lace game there are a few things to consider.

1. You will need to buy quality lace. HD Lace is more delicate than "regular" lace. Meaning it will not last as long and require more care. It is also easier to rip HD Lace.

2. All lace will require you to be gentle. Lace is just that lace, just because there is hair attached does not make it any less than what it actually is. Lace can and will rip if you are heavy handed and do not handle it with proper care.

3 Lace is not meant to last forever. If you get 4-6 weeks worth of wear out of a closure or frontal you are doing good. These lace items are meant to replaced more often than not. Since you are wearing the lace basically on your forehead oils and other makeup from your face WILL get on the lace and shorten the lifespan also requiring it to be cleaned. Also, daily wear and excessive manipulation will shorten the longevity of the lace especially if you sweat a lot.

4. All lace installations need to be done a stylist to ensure it is installed properly. We know YouTube will have you feeling like you can do it all BUT remember that not every wig is the same. If you are installing and doing wigs yourself you HAVE to be gentle. When cutting the lace off the wig if you cut too far or too much your wig WILL be more susceptible to shedding and ripping.

5. Be careful when bleaching your knots and plucking your lace. So again lace can be over processed and over-bleached. Now you can correct the over bleaching but it just shortens the lifespan of your lace. Over plucking your lace will leave you prone to bald spots.

All in all lace is great if you feel like you are ready. If you are unsure which lace to start out with if you have never worn lace before we would recommend a closure. Closures require far less maintenance than any other lace and you can wear them for about a month to really get the feel of them. Regardless of what type of lace you wear you will need to wrap your hair up at night using a satin cap/bonnet. Also always comb your hair from ends to root. Hope this helped anyone who is just now learning about lace or those of you that are avid lace wearers and just wanted some extra tips!



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