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Lace Shortage- Pandemic

Lace Shortage- Pandemic

Hey Yall!

So its been a while since we've chatted and done a blog post but better late than never right? Well we have all been hit and affected in one way or another by the pandemic whether you yourself got Covid or you know someone who did, all of our lives have been met with this new normal. You would be surprised but the hair business was also hit pretty hard due to obvious reasons. The need to social distance was a requirement last year when we first heard about Covid because there was so much unknown and work places were closing down and everyone was staying far way from each other. So that meant the hair factories were shut down for a period of time which also means we were not able to get products as easily if at all. This has had the biggest impact on lace products like wigs, frontals, and closure. Lace products have been super scarce and have been in very high demand so you know that also means increased pricing. The few factories that had and were still producing lace products were able to charge an arm and a leg for them which made it very hard for business owners because of course we don't want to charge our customers a lot for these products. It has all been a struggle and the lace production is still not back up to 100% so prices are still high and products are still low and not to mention they are taking longer to produce. *Sigh* All we can do is take it day by day and be appreciative to still be healthy and happy!


Talk to yall again soon! 



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