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Lets Get Real About Frontals

Lets Get Real About Frontals

Frontals! We've all seen pictures of these gorgeous laid frontals with perfect baby hairs but what exactly IS a frontal?

So this post comes HIGHLY requested and it will be very informative so pull out your pen and paper!

First off what is a frontal?

-A lace frontal is very similar to a lace closure except a frontal goes from ear to ear and can measure 13 X 4 in and even 13 X 6 in if you want a large one. On a lace frontal hairs are sewn onto a piece of soft stretchy lace. A frontal is used to recreate your entire hair line, if you so desire. 

Pros Of Wearing A Frontal:

- It is a protective style that will protect the entire front half of your hair when wearing a sew in. If installed correctly frontals should offer you the peace of mind that you will not have to straighten and mess with your "leave out" on a daily basis.

- Diverse and unique hairstyles is also a pro of wearing a frontal. You can do a side part, deep side part, middle part, flip over, and even half up and half down.

- Looks natural. A frontal can look very natural if it is installed correctly. A lace frontal can look just like your natural hairline and scalp.

Cons Of Wearing A Frontal:

-They don't last long. With proper maintenance you can stretch out a frontal to last you about 3-4 weeks. You will probably need frontal maintenance at least once during your frontal install. Depending on how careful and how well you take care of your frontal it may only be good for one wear. The lace on frontals are thin so all the plucking and tugging and pulling can take a toll on the longevity of your frontal.

- Requires daily maintenance. If you are looking for a wake up and go kind of style then don't get a frontal lol. Frontals require maintenance everyday; whether it’s fixing and adjusting your baby hairs or even glueing down any parts of the frontal that may have lifted  

- Requires you to purchase additional hair products you may not already have. You will definitely need extra glue when wearing a frontal. Some parts of the frontal may begin to lift and require you to glue that baby back down so you will almost want to travel with it lol.

- More expensive. So even with all the time you have to spend caring for your new frontal baby you also have to pay more for it. I have seen frontals as high as $175! Not to mention it is more expensive to install.

- If you like to work out daily or you sweat a lot then reconsider. The oils and grease from your face will also contribute to loosening the glue used to keep your frontal intact. 

- You must tie down your hair every night. Do you want laid baby hairs? YES! OK then you will have to tie down the front of your hair every night. You cannot just fall asleep and leave your frontal any kind of way while you get your beauty rest.

- After applying all that gel and glue to your frontal and not to mention can expect a lot of product buildup. Again contributing to the longevity point.

I hope this helped some of you when you are deciding what style to get next! If you are up for the challenge of a frontal then go for it! If you want to take baby steps and work your way up then start with a closure. Closures are cheaper and require not even half of the care that a frontal does!

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