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Mink Hair Extensions...Do They Exist?

Mink Hair Extensions...Do They Exist?

Mink hair extensions.. Do they really exist? If so what are they? 

We have all see the word mink thrown around with hair extensions. When we see “mink hair” we assume it’s the upper echelon, the creme de la creme, the BEST of the best! But guess what?!

There’s no such thing! Hate to break it to you but the usage of the word mink when it is associated with hair extensions is just a marketing tactic to get customers to pay higher prices on hair. Mink fur comes from a furry animal called a mink - I’ll throw in a picture below and you let me know if this is the kind of hair you want for your extensions!

Anyways make sure you do your research on what you are purchasing and who you are purchasing from. Don’t get duped into paying more money when you don’t have to!

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